total case management



We shape our solutions to make services -
seamless, simple, and secure.




Regardless of case size, complexity, or multi-service requirements... our "one" stop shop concept benefits clients.  We refer to this innovative solution process as "Total Case Management," a definition that best exemplifies the initiative. 

And since our client base comes from virtually every industry sector – including the private – our solutions are as varied as the communities we service.

What are the benefits of the GRAND Solution?

First and foremost is the fact that we are trained to implement the "right" solution to help improve our clients' odds to win a case... or resolve a problem. 

Then by opening access to our broad Services Directory, we enable clients to embed several offerings into their case solution which, in turn, streamlines data collaboration and consolidation, accelerates the overall process, and reduces the potential for errors. 

Plus, we recognize the sensitive nature of each case and always take the appropriate precautions to protect client privacy and ensure the security of personal information.

We offer...

  • Specialization in collecting traditional information - and electronic data;
  • Specialization in the interviewing process and working with witnesses;
  • Independent third party reporting;
  • Expertise in all investigative areas - including forensic sciences;
  • Cutting edge technologies and techniques utilized for disciplined searches;
  • Comprehensive security services ranging from protective services for government officials, business executives, and celebrities... to crisis and emergency management... to major event security; and
  • Time and cost efficiencies resulting from our full service capabilities.

In general, we play a major role in helping clients who do not have the required time or inherent knowledge to conduct a thorough investigation on their own.   This can compromise the quality of their case and or cause consequences.  GRAND has the people, scale, focus and discipline to develop solutions and offer service enhancements that include a combination of litigation and settlement strategies. 


In the case of attorneys and business clientele, our specialists are highly trained in every imaginable investigative area... have immediate access to the most advanced resources and "research tools" available... and charge a reasonable hourly rate.  Put in simple terms, we can help do the job quicker, cheaper, and more effectively.  Plus we offer the added value of expert witness testimony.

In the case of individuals, we understand the complexity of personal investigations.  As a result, we provide free consultations first... then effectively categorize the case... skills match the investigator(s)... and recommend the most focused solution to bring the case to a successful conclusion.  Plus we eliminate the emotional and stressful burden factors associated with many cases.




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