Grand ISS Enters Collaboration Agreement with Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES)


The alliance promotes security cooperation and builds a strengthened global training workforce to assist governments around the world.

St. Petersburg, FL – January 20, 2009:  Grand ISS endeavors to support world governments, particularly in emerging markets such as Africa, by implementing focused programs that contribute to global security, stability, and socioeconomic development.  The strategic importance of military and law enforcement training figures prominently in the Company’s security solutions which deal with managing exposure to present day challenges such as terrorism, conflicts, and crimes which are multinational and transnational in nature.   

“TEES is one of the world’s premier training providers committed to assisting military, law enforcement and government agencies reach their full potentials in difficult environments by building expertise and skills,” said Steven Purl, COO of Grand ISS.  “And whereas we deliver training programs designed to prepare forces for specific missions particular to the theater threats they face, the TEES leading team of instructors will bolster our capacity to mobilize personnel with a wider variety of specialized capabilities.”   

Grand ISS is currently introducing its training initiatives to several African governments who are increasingly turning to cooperative security arrangements to meet the specters of terrorism and transnational crime, as well as societal challenges encountered.   Wars in Africa cost an estimated $18 billion annually, and although decreasing over the past 10 years, coups, unrest, and ethnic conflicts continue to plague the continent.  Governments are investing in trends such as contracted military/police training programs which are conducive to the development of their security forces as a vital means to generate stability and drive economic growth in a challenging global environment. 

Alan Brosnan, President of TEES said, “Our training curriculum is diverse and flexible to represent the complex requirements of the host country; and we draw our instructors from current and former military and law enforcement personnel who are well socialized in international values with demonstrated records of achievement. By funneling our resources with Grand ISS, we can more effectively work with governments to implement long term military performance programs as well as short term security goals in line with their emerging political processes.”  

“The importance of security is relevant to people everywhere,” said Mr. Purl.  “Governments in emerging markets must enact reforms or face alarming socio-economic consequences.  I trust that our alliance with TEES and common commitment to promoting security will allow our training initiative to serve as a catalyst for broader change as part of shaping a safer world.”    

Grand ISS is a global provider delivering integrated solutions in the core areas of security, risk management consultancy, private intelligence and investigatory forensics.  The company serves the interests of commercial, government, and private clients by offering structured solutions that meet individualized specifications.  With a worldwide network which includes 2,600 special security operatives and over 3,700 forensic scientists, engineers and technicians located in research centers around the globe, Grand ISS effectively performs to improve efficiencies and extend capacity to assist clients reduce exposure to all types of risk, as well as facilitate the successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Grand ISS is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida and Swindon, England.  For more information, call 727.797.6545 or visit online at

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems provides professional tactical and breaching training for military, law enforcement, and other government agencies.  The Company’s training procedures have been time tested and operationally proven in order to meet the needs of teams that operate in high risk environments.  With emphasis on real-world scenarios and a focus on safety, the courses taught by Tactical Energetic Entry Systems have proven to be unsurpassed in the field of tactical training and breaching techniques.  Instructors are current and former law enforcement and military personnel who have specialized in this skill set for many years with current job descriptions allowing them to remain on the cutting edge of tactical breaching technology as it pertains to special operations.  Tactical Energetic Entry Systems is located in Horn Lake, MS.  For more information, call 901-326-5223 or visit online at

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