Grand ISS and Adam Davis K-9 Forge Strategic Alliance

Grand ISS and Adam Davis K-9 Forge Strategic Alliance



Companies interact to optimize solutions that uniquely deliver canine patrol, protection, and detection services to the global marketplace. 

St. Petersburg, FL – 4, June 2007:  Grand ISS, a global provider of security, risk management and investigative services, today announced that it signed a strategic agreement with Adam Davis K-9  to provide clients with broader solutions based on distinct business integration  Adam Davis K-9 LLC is a premier canine security provider specializing in supplying, training, and handling the highest quality canines for patrol; personal, asset and executive protection; explosives, narcotics and weapons detection; and arson and supply chain investigations.  The company serves private, corporate, law enforcement, government and military clients the world over. 

“Delivering as a team, we have a great opportunity to build dynamic strategies that incorporate the distinct aspects of our business into Grand ISS’ diversified and highly complex universal solutions,” said Adam Davis, Founder & CEO of Adam Davis K-9.  “One application which exemplifies this is the inclusion of our certified explosives, narcotics and weapons patrol K-9 Detection Teams when modeling solutions for Jihad-terrorism or Narco-terrorism related challenges ─ a growing world concern.”  

Steven Purl, COO of Grand ISS stated, “We recognize Adam Davis K-9 as a consummate leader in their respective market and are pleased to count their industry-specific business application in our portfolio offering.  With today’s heightening security and investigative demands, we plan on using their specialized skills as a cost effective deterrent against terrorism and crime; an added value tool to address differing needs and improve solution efficiencies – beyond the traditional – across industries and in countries around the world.”   

The initiative is a significant step in Grand ISS’ portfolio diversification strategy.  It positions the company uniquely to integrate a full range of emergency response canine services under the direction of expert handlers in a variety of venues, consequently leveraging solution capacity in all three of their core business segments.  A few examples of the many solution applications attributable to canine services include: to detect, detain or escort suspects; to provide high profile individuals/executives and their families personal protection;  to conduct area or building searches including industrial/commercial facilities, corporate offices, residential homes, government buildings, and private/public educational institutions; to conduct ship, aircraft, and motor vehicle searches; to detect explosives, narcotics or weapons; to conduct evidence searches; to support private, corporate or forensic investigations; and to provide special event K-9 security.  

“Basically this partnering allows us to consolidate our collective resources to bring solutions with differentiating capacity to market, develop new ways of evaluating risk, and streamline multiple services for enhancement value and lower costs,” said Mr. Purl. “The advantage to the client – access to on-demand complex solutions made simpler.”  


Grand ISS is an employee-owned, full service global provider of security, risk mitigation, and investigative solutions.  The company services commercial, private and government entities; and specializes in highly challenging protection assignments ─ including counterterrorism operations ─ around the world. Its international network assembles experienced professionals in every security and investigative niche with forensic experts and state-of-the-art technologies for the primary purposes of reducing exposure to risk, and maximizing successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Additionally, the company maintains strategic relationships with a number of best of breed organizations operating internationally to maximize its service portfolio capabilities, multiply effectiveness, improve marketing efforts, and drive growth initiatives in public and private entities in diverse industries. Grand ISS is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida and Swindon, England.  For more information, call 727.797.6545 or visit online at   


Adam Davis K-9 is a worldwide provider of quality canine services and products.  The company offers professionally trained patrol, protection, explosives narcotics and weapons detection, and family service canines to law enforcement and government agencies, security agencies, private individuals; as well as the full spectrum of commerce from small businesses to multi-national corporations the world over. It specializes in positive reinforcement methods coupled with constant exposure training, utilizes leading edge K-9 methodologies, and strives to continually improve existing techniques. From purchasing to breeding, it ensures the best canines are selected for specific role performance.   Certified K-9 teams with experienced handlers are provided to meet patrol, protection and detection security needs; and deter or respond to a full range of operational and/or safety incidents in all geographic environments.  Adam Davis K-9 LLC is based in Naples, Florida.  For more information, call 239.821.8111 or visit online at   

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