Grand ISS Collaborates with Ramora UK Ltd on Global Counterterrorism Program

Grand ISS Collaborates with Ramora UK Ltd on Global Counterterrorism Program

New program addresses critical aspects, communications, and challenges associated with explosives and related-emergency intervention activities in crisis situations.

St. Petersburg, FL – 23 Aug 2006:  Grand ISS, a global provider of security, risk management and investigative solutions, in association with Ramora UK Ltd, today announced the launch of a 24/7 Incident Helpline program.  Ramora UK Ltd, of Hampshire, England delivers a wide range of security training and consultancy solutions in such areas as explosives, maritime, Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), underwater searches, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), health and safety. 

Designed as a channel to reach out around the world with explosive device intervention expertise, the program effectively responds to security, terrorist or safety-related risks.  Dave Welch, Ramora’s Director and Member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers (MIExpE) explains, “When a crisis occurs, military, governmental and non-governmental organizations require a crisis management response team with the ability to immediately communicate, connect and react as a single virtual organization.  Teaming with Grand ISS transforms us into a greater joint force with multinational operability.”  Mr. Welch went on to report that this is the first-of-its-kind program in the international non-governmental private sector; and in the aftermath of recent events involving the British law enforcement’s thwarting a terrorist plot to blow-up airlines, he sees the program as an invaluable tool in the ongoing protection of innocent lives.

“We see the program as an inventive response strategy that empowers specialized industries operating in remote locations such as maritime, air transportation, oil and gas with the availability, resiliency and utilization of emergency help currently accessible in highly developed populated areas,” noted Steven C. Purl, COO of Grand ISS.  “Our program is based on the experience of crisis response teams managing actual explosive device situations, identifying plans to mitigate exposure, and applying best of industry practices to safeguard ships, oil platforms, refineries, pipelines, aircraft, desolate land-based industries, and far-reaching construction sites vulnerable to terrorist attacks and other hostile or malicious acts.”  In conjunction with this, Mr. Purl added another positive was the prospect that foreign governments, as well as military and law enforcement agencies with limited resources and budgets could utilize the program’s high level explosive expertise anytime, anywhere as necessary. 

The partner program couples Ramora UK’s world leading land, sea and air explosive experts and advanced technologies with Grand ISS’ international special security operations (including anti-terrorism and combat units) and threat and actionable intelligence management services.  “Security and safety should not have geographic, technical, political or cultural boundaries,” said Steve Purl.  “Our partnering program enables us to respond across societal boundaries to explosive-related threats and emergencies with access to qualified experts at the time of contact regardless of global positioning.”

About Grand ISS

Grand ISS is an employee-owned, full service global provider of risk mitigation, security and investigative solutions.  The company services commercial and government entities; and specializes in highly challenging protection assignments - including counterterrorism operations - around the world. Grand ISS assembles experienced professionals in every security and investigative niche, forensic experts, and state-of-the-art technologies for the primary purposes of reducing exposure to risk, and maximizing successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Additionally, the company maintains strategic relationships with a number of best of breed organizations operating internationally to maximize its service portfolio capabilities, multiply effectiveness, improve marketing efforts, and drive growth initiatives in public and private entities in diverse industries. Grand ISS is co-located in St. Petersburg, Florida and Swindon, England.  For more information, call +(1) 727.797.6545 or visit online at 

About Ramora UK Ltd

Ramora UK is a specialist company offering a wide range of explosive-related services to both commercial and law enforcement sectors.  Capable of delivering highly skilled and credible consultants, trainers and operators worldwide, Ramora utilises the skills and experience of ex military and law enforcement personnel to achieve first class results every time.  From the delivery of reactive 24-hour Bomb Disposal services through to high risk counter terrorist search and disposal techniques, Ramora has the capability of delivering solutions to complex and sensitive situations anywhere in the world.  Ramora UK personnel each have in excess of 20 years experience in the planning and delivery of EOD and security-related services throughout the world. This includes areas ranging from the United States and Europe through North Africa the Middle East and Far East.  Ramora UK Headquarters are located at 25 The Slipway, Port Solent, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 4TR  United Kingdom.  For further details, call +44 (0) 2392 380777 or visit online at


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