Grand ISS Launches H.E.A.T. (Hurricane Emergency Action Team) Program

Grand ISS Launches H.E.A.T. (Hurricane Emergency Action Team) Program 

St. Petersburg, FL - May 26, 2006 -- Grand ISS, a global provider of security, risk mitigation, and investigative solutions, announced today the launch of its H.E.A.T. (Hurricane Emergency Action Team) project.  

“By leveraging our security platform, we assembled an expert group of mobile professionals dedicated to playing a major defense role against hurricane-associated incidents,” stated Steven Purl, COO of GRAND ISS.  “In the wake of an active 16-storm forecast, the idea is to build safeguards that protect property and assets with the spotlight on emergency security and preparedness.”  Grand ISS is in the business of anticipating and responding to security challenges, and the fallout from events of recent years inspired the strategic H.E.AT. initiative, he said.  “Hurricane preparedness goes beyond personal safety which is the number one priority; there are criminal dynamics that cannot – and should not – be dismissed.”  

In today’s post-Katrina and Rita environment, many have come to rethink their approach to security.  Residential facilities, high rise condominiums, hotels, housing developments, industrial parks, warehouse storage facilities, retail stores, shopping malls, office parks, financial buildings, hospitals and medical complexes are all at high risk.  H.E.A.T. provides a proactive and reactive solution with a three-phased strategy that carries out planning, protection & recovery activities.  The project embeds armed security personnel onsite before, during and after the storm; clearly identifies properties as being actively patrolled to reduce the threat of vandalism and theft; and ensures interaction with law enforcement to prevent violence and control damages.  “Hurricanes are stressful enough.  When you are unable to be around… when power, communication and/or transportation are disrupted… when law enforcement is over-extended… H.E.A.T. is there to help protect your properties and assets that need protecting,” Purl said.

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