Grand ISS Announces Agreement with UK's Heritage International Assurance

Grand ISS Announces Agreement with UK's Heritage International Assurance

Channeling Insurance and Security Solutions to Manage Global Risks 

November 16, 2005 - St. Petersburg, FL - GRAND ISS, a global provider of security, risk mitigation, and investigative solutions, announced today that it entered into a bilateral agreement with Heritage International Assurance. Heritage, based in England, is a recognized leader in the insurance, reinsurance and treaty business specializing in international group scheme insurances tailored to meet the special needs associated with high risk/high profile individuals, corporations and government entities. Kidnap & Ransom, Bodily Injury, Extortion, Political Risk, Commercial & Consequential Loss, War or Civil War, Trade Embargoes, Business Interruption, High Seas Piracy and Terrorism are all examples of the unique coverages offered by the company. Under the Agreement, GRAND ISS will sponsor Heritage’s product offerings as part of its risk mitigation solutions; and Heritage’s clients will enlist GRAND ISS for their vital security and protection needs.

"This agreement builds on GRAND ISS’ outreach efforts to participate in global markets using our highly experienced Special Forces and Rapid Response Special Operations Units," noted Steven C. Purl, COO of GRAND ISS and former Team Leader of Scotland Yard’s famed SO19 Unit. "As current trends and geopolitical uncertainties continue, there is a universal need to guarantee the highest level of security to employees of major consortiums, high net worth individual clients, governments, and trading partners, as well as protect a host country’s environment, health and safety." Mr. Purl stated that the common mission between the companies is to insure and secure against purveyors of ill will, political violence, terrorism, sabotage, extortion, interference in capital markets transactions, kidnapping, bodily injury, property damage, and other losses attributed to hostile activities. "Together we aim to send a powerful message," Mr. Purl continued. "Violence will not be tolerated and the fundamental integrity of business and commerce will not be interrupted."

Alan P. Lazar, Managing Director of Heritage added, "Amid the events of the past few weeks, including a pirate attack on a cruise ship off the coast of Africa, ongoing riots in France, terrorist bombings in Jordan, turmoil in Argentina, and countless other incidents, the rising global demand for security is prevalent." Mr. Lazar expounded on Heritage’s directive to take the lead in emerging markets, underserved regions, and strategic nations in all areas of the world. "We have the ability to go into geographies where business would not otherwise have the confidence to go, and by leveraging the power of GRAND ISS’ security strengths, we can better achieve our targeted objectives abroad. We will work together to broaden the distribution of insurance products and further safeguard clients’ personal and business interests throughout the world."

GRAND ISS’ expansive portfolio of services include close in personal and transportation security, business and criminal investigations, and various forensic applications. Also, the company provides international combat-experienced units, comprised largely of former British Commandos and contingents from other nations based in high threat world regions. This group is deployed to react to sudden emergencies or acts of hostility; protect high value human and fixed assets; provide rescue and repatriation exercises; train military, police and private security; and assess threats and implement countermeasure solutions complete with state-of-the-art technologies. Mr. Purl concluded, "By collaborating with Heritage we offer risk mitigation services and deep defenses to respond in versatile ways to protect virtually everywhere."


GRAND ISS is a privately owned, full service risk mitigation, security and investigative company delivering customized solutions to multi-industry corporations, law firms, insurance companies, governments, individual clients, and non-profit entities worldwide. Employing experienced professionals in every security and investigative niche, forensic experts, and state-of-the-art technologies, GRAND ISS reduces clients’ exposure to risk and maximizes successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Strategic relationships bring a unique array of service capabilities that multiply GRAND’S effectiveness, improve marketing efforts, and drive growth initiatives in public and private entities in diverse industries. GRAND ISS is based in St. Petersburg, FL. For more information, call (01) 727.797.6545 or visit online at

About Heritage International Assurance

Heritage International Assurance is a privately owned British corporation offering expertise in many aspects of insurance, reinsurance and treaties. Clients include the commercial and government sectors, as well as high net worth individuals spanning the globe. The company specialises in placing special group scheme insurances, and offering coverage on specific risks separately or as a combined policy tailored to suit organisational requirements. Special group scheme insurance benefits employees of major consortiums. Policy coverage includes Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion risks for individuals and their families as well as companies and their employees. Political Risk insurance benefits companies with significant overseas assets, well established companies with good experience in difficult markets, and companies trading with third world or developing countries facing a variety of political hazards. Often the contractual principal is a government entity. Heritage is based in England with other representative offices in Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Spain and the USA. For more information, call (44) 1793 537337 or visit online at



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