Grand ISS Enters Into Service Agreement With Data Management Systems

Grand ISS Enters into Service Agreement with Data Management Systems

June 30, 2005 - ST. PETERSBURG, FL — GRAND ISS (Investigative Security Services) announced today that it entered into an industry-leading service agreement with Data Management Systems of Clearwater, Florida. The agreement provides for the integrated and seamless provision of technological and physical corporate security services. Under the terms of the agreement, GRAND ISS provides all physical plant, asset, and human resource protection, as well as the implementation and management of preventative measures; while Data Management Systems provides multi-level computer systems and network security measures including software, hardware, and technical training solutions.

“Our strategy is in place. We have partnered with GRAND ISS to directly convey a renewed security focus. By streamlining services, our companies work together to eliminate redundancies, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies for our diverse customers’ business needs,” said Kenneth Minter, Data Management Systems’ General Manager. “Whether providing internal and/or financial security, designing and implementing risk mitigation practices, or coordinating countermeasure activities, we are transforming ourselves into a major single provider of advanced security solutions.”

Ralph V. Frasca, Jr., President of GRAND ISS notes that the integration of their investigative/security services with those of Data Management Systems crafts a new industry platform. “Our comprehensive security options replace old ways of doing business with the delivery of more cost-effective, secure and reliable solutions. Businesses typically have their security (e.g. technology, facility, personnel, etc.) segmented and delivered through separate providers. In short, services are deployed in a decentralized fashion. We’ve streamlined the security structure, simplified the various processes involved, and generated significant savings for our customers by displacing existing fragmented services.” Mr. Frasca went on to explain that it converts into a less equals more formula. Fewer suppliers, less paperwork, less chance of errors vs. data collaboration and consolidation, coordinated services, and central communications.

GRAND ISS and Data Management Systems’ strategy is not only focused on safeguarding but also improving the environments in which they operate. They combine expertise and capabilities to oversee the risk management process at the individual business level and cover all risk topics including review, technology, information, financial, transactional, liquidity, credit, market, facility, personnel, environmental, compliance, and event risk. Services include identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks through customized solutions, countermeasures, and training programs. “Over the past few years the corporate operating culture has changed,” added Mr. Frasca. “The impact of performing successfully in tough environments now requires offensive measures rather than defensive strategies. We secure companies’ employees and assets and further enhance protective capabilities to address aggregate risk exposures across the organization so businesses can operate with uninterrupted maximum efficiency.”

About Data Management Systems
Data Management Systems, Inc. helps businesses by conducting customized vulnerability assessments to design hardened networks using solutions such as, firewalls, spam filters, active intrusion detection, anti-virus software, thin client implementation, computer forensics, and workstation security devices. It also offers integrated document management solutions and records management. DMS has serviced small, medium and enterprise customers in the finance, health, law, insurance, government and military sectors in the US and Europe since 1996. It also maintains a Florida licensed vocational training center for information technology, specializing in executive level information security courses. DMS is based in Clearwater, FL. For more information, call 800.772.7292 or visit online at

GRAND ISS is an employee-owned, full service investigative and security company that delivers customized solutions to multi-industry corporations, law firms, insurance companies, governments, individual clients, and non-profit entities worldwide. Employing experienced professionals in every investigative and security niche, forensic experts, and state-of-the-art technologies, GRAND ISS reduces clients’ exposure to risk and maximizes successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters. Strategic relationships bring a unique array of service capabilities that multiply GRAND’S effectiveness, improve marketing efforts, and drive growth initiatives in public and private entities in diverse industries. GRAND ISS is based in St. Petersburg, FL. For more information, call 727.797.6545 or visit online at


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