Business Intelligence & Corporate Investigations


Grand is a full service investigative and security company. As such, we offer clients an array of strategic and value-enhancing solutions pertaining to financial, operational and litigation matters. With particular expertise in the business, financial and legal segments, our objective is to help clients in diverse industries confronted with challenging or distress situations.

Professional expertise and high tech techniques back our strong execution and consistent focus. Beyond this is service consolidation - which reduces case time and increases problem-solving capability.

One company... single source reporting... managed focus.

Business Intelligence

Whether our services are required to investigate a potential business transaction or alliance, we uncover and analyze information that is critical to the process. We work with our clients and or their legal counsel to check the targeted company/management background… incorporation documents… company-related contracts… financial statements… operational history… customer checks… litigation matters… tax records… risk factors… liens… securities compliance… and all other relevant data prior to our clients closing on the business deal.

GRAND also assists companies in their search for competitive intelligence… consult with them in matters such as hostile takeovers… perform asset searches… develop strategies relative to proxy/shareholder issues… and protect intellectual properties.

Overall, we develop specific action solutions and communicate findings to help clients make “well-informed decisions” on investments, transactional defense strategies, bidding processes, market positioning, or whatever other activities are essential to their business goals.

What we do…

... Specialize in due diligence research, investigations, and solution preparations for
    restructuring, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and
    target acquisition initiatives. Our services include the review and verification of
    contractual representations and warranties… quality assurance checks… and assistance
    in a range of compliance issues such as contract investigations and reviews.

... Perform asset searches and utilize forensic experts as necessary. Information from these
    investigations can be used to properly value or restructure businesses or provide
    litigation evidence to impact on successful case outcomes.

... Assist in analyzing and developing strategies in connection with hostile takeover or
    proxy/shareholder actions. No matter what side our client is on, we provide valuable
    information and strategy solutions to help strengthen their position in disputes.

... Compile competitive business intelligence – including analysis of the competition’s
    initiatives and vulnerabilities to assist companies in their marketing performance and

... Another service of value is our background screening of companies, management, partners,
    vendors, etc. This practice is most resourceful in reducing incidents of fraud.

GRAND services…

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Business Intelligence Review and Consulting
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Litigation Support
  • Competitive Intelligence Surveys
  • Background Screening
  • Government Compliance Monitoring

Corporate Investigations

Increasing concern about internal crime and other high-risk incidents is leading companies to utilize external entities to assist in addressing the problems and advise on prevention strategies.

GRAND matches capabilities to each company’s specific requirements and offers customized solutions.

What we do…

... Provide surveillance services, which are an important tool for gathering many types of
    information. It can be used in just about every type of investigation from business to
    legal to insurance. Our services in this area are supported by physical (stationary or
    moving), electronic, and technical countermeasure strategies. The final product is a high-
    quality report inclusive of video evidence.

... Conduct all-type investigations. Case examples include fraud (including Worker’s
    Compensation claims – the third highest expense incurred by businesses)… theft…
    embezzlement… hidden/stolen assets… intellectual property… electronic… undercover
    (including the placement of investigators to the most senior level)… loss and vandalism…
    government regulatory agency defense investigations (IRS, HCFA, SEC, EEOC, OSHA, FTC,
    Labor Dept.)… and civil and criminal litigation support.

... Perform asset searches and provide accounting and economic forensic experts. We
    provide financial assistance in every type of dispute - which is valuable as evidentiary
    documentation in litigation or settlements. In addition, we provide expert/witness testimony.
    We also make available the full spectrum of forensic experts as applicable to case specifics –
    such as computer crime/forensics/fraud testing, documentation examination, handwriting,
    and audio/video analysis.

... Handle employee issues. Our background screening, for example, is comprehensive -
    ranging from employment/salary verification… to substance abuse… to education history…
    to public record searches… to aliases… to civil & criminal checks… to industrial psychology
    compatibility testing. We do it all. This process is a very useful technique to provide a clear
    profile to determine character and capabilities before hiring.

... Offer threat assessment and management, as well as security and protection (armed &
    unarmed) services. We cover individuals, facilities, equipment, information, and any other
    fixed or liquid assets. Our services include executive protection… secure air/ground private
    transportation… travel protection… witness protection… event security… and security
    against disgruntled employees. Another vital area is Homeland Security compliance an

... Support insightful and constructive services through our Risk Management consulting. We
    assess matters such as employment practices… insurance purchasing… internal controls…
    cyber crime - software/hardware... also industrial activities, physical plant and construction.
    We then provide strategies that can control and reduce risk, stop loss, and or expand

... Provide civil and criminal litigation support services including discovery and evidence
    gathering… witness locates and interviews… forensic analysis… undercover operations… 
    asset discovery… skip tracing… and expert witness testimony.

... Assure that all our services are discreet and confidential.

GRAND services...


  • Physical
  • Electronic
  • Technical Countermeasures

Internal Investigations

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Hidden/stolen assets
  • Electronic
  • Undercover
  • Loss & vandalism
  • Skip tracing
  • Employee misconduct
  • Defamation
  • Government Regulatory

Forensic Investigations

  • A variety of experts in case-specific industry disciplines
  • Litigation consulting
  • Expert witness testimony

Background Investigations

  • Employee/Management Candidates
  • Substance Abuse testing
  • Vendor/Subcontractor Screening

Risk Management Consulting

  • Review
  • Assessment
  • Strategies to mitigate risk

Security Services

  • Security protection
  • Travel services
  • Threat/crisis assessment and management

Litigation Support Services

  • Civil and criminal

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