In a volatile world, security is paramount.

With world tensions and global threats,
business and government challenges have been plentiful in recent years… 

GRAND ISS helps protect.

Simply put, we take all threats serious – whether directed at a corporation, employee, government agency, government official, national infrastructure, or private individual – and deliver sound effective protection strategies.

We are keenly aware of the importance of security in today's environment and make every effort to provide more than traditional services.  We promote preventative strategies... identify potential concerns at an early stage... develop and execute rapid response measures... and enhance our clients' protective capabilities.

What we do…

... Address operational and safety threats… risk assessment… executive protection… travel risk
    management… facility protection… computer sabotage… workplace violence… event security…
    crisis and emergency management… security countermeasures… kidnap for ransom… and
    Homeland Security compliance.

... Offer personal protection… private or community or multi-dwelling residence protection…
    private plane and yacht protection… surveillance… asset and inventory protection… and
    witness protection.

... Maintain security operatives' personnel specializing in counter-terrorism measures, witness
    protection, and the performance of risk and threat assessment strategies.

...Train our security people on an ongoing basis in the latest secure preemptive technologies
   and techniques - as well as protective methodologies.

Special Security Services (International)…

Our UK-based contract Special Services Unit conducts cross-border operations.  Comprised of former British SAS counterinsurgency/counter terrorism Special Forces, this unit has ample capability to perform rapid response international rescue, extrication, and repatriation on behalf of families, businesses, and global Kidnap & Ransom insurance carriers.  Additionally, this team protects and or recovers high value assets on a worldwide basis for corporate clients, individuals, and insurance carriers.

GRAND services…

  • Individual and Executive protection
  • Travel security/abduction avoidance
  • Technical surveillance
  • Workplace security and risk assessment
  • Event security
  • Home security surveys
  • Residential area patrols
  • Store detective services
  • Asset protection surveys
  • Transport protection (including marine, aviation and ground)
  • Security equipment and installation
  • International Special Services Unit
  • Restraining Order enforcement
  • Witness protection
  • Homeland Security audits
  • Kidnap & Ransom protection (offered through a London-based affiliated company)

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