The overall corporate community faces
multi-dimensional challenges…

GRand iss offers multi-faceted solutions

We help clients – from virtually every industry – with the formidable task
of tackling some of the world's toughest problems.

As corporate crimes and challenges become more of a pervasive problem in the normal course of business, investigations and security become more of a business critical solution. We offer solutions that are scalable to meet the needs of a wide variety of business settings, from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations across various industry lines.

We address an agenda of solutions ranging from business intelligence research and analysis on any number of corporate or management procedures… to consulting services focused on going-forward initiatives… to compliance/ regulatory examinations… to the preparation of strategies to outpace the competition… to investigative and security services directed at internal events. And, although it is impossible to guarantee against all potential business threats, GRAND’s unique capabilities enable us to provide clients customized solutions and countermeasures that mitigate risk.

In brief, we offer forensic and litigation services… electronic data and evidence recovery…business valuations… corporate restructuring strategies… internal and external investigations… security design… background checks and screening… executive protection… travel security… technology security... kidnap and ransom police… and Patriot Act compliance.

We specialize in financial, operational, and litigation matters.

We offer…

... Research and solution preparation for restructuring, expansions, mergers & acquisitions,
    transactional due diligence and target acquisition initiatives.

... Verification of contractual representations and warranties, and quality assurance checks.

... Competitive analysis - identifying the competition’s initiatives and vulnerabilities.

... Overt and covert internal investigations in such areas as executive/employee background
    checks… fraud... theft… embezzlement… hidden or stolen assets… product counterfeiting…
    intellectual property theft... electronic crimes… employee misconduct… workplace violence…
    threats…defamation… and industrial psychology compatibility testing.

... Research, intelligence, and analysis related to hostile takeovers and proxy actions.

... Assistance in a range of compliance issues including contract investigations and reviews.

... Security and protection.

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