Private Sector

There are times in life when we all
have a compelling need for
truth… information… protection…

GRAND ISS transforms these three simple basics
into easily accessible sophisticated solutions
that address and solve our clients' toughest problems and challenges.

Today's lifestyle and societal changes have triggered the demand for intensified scrutiny in our lives.

As a result there is an increased reliance on information to make knowledgeable decisions in situations that involve risk, obligation, and or uncertainty.  In some cases, there may also be a need for personal, family, or asset protection. In other circumstances, litigation matters may be a cause of concern.

GRAND's ability to align our business strengths with the clients' objectives - simplifies even the most complex cases and enhances favorable outcomes.

What does GRAND do?

... Conduct every imaginable type of civil, criminal, and domestic investigation.

... Assist people with situations ranging from simply bothersome to life threatening.

... Assess all the case factors and perceived risks, then recommend the “right” service strategy

... Skills-match our specialists to the client’s exact requirements.

... Incorporate cutting edge technical resources into our service offering.

... Secure and protect our clients and their assets.

... Ensure the highest level of confidentiality.

What areas does GRAND specialize in?

Our emphasis is on marriage and divorce related matters… child custody and support cases… asset and income searches… identity theft transactions and occurrences... comprehensive surveillance… background checks… locates… claims outcomes… threat and domestic violence protection… business-related events – and we always offer expert trial testimony pertaining to investigation discovery.

GRAND services…

  • Divorce, infidelity, pre-marital checks
  • Child custody and support
  • Domestic violence investigation and protection
  • Restraining order enforcement
  • Personal safety
  • Harassment/threat assessment, protection, and source detection
  • Background checks
  • Asset searches both national and international
  • Income verification
  • Domestic economic forensics (estimates projected income)
  • Accounting forensics
  • All type-claims investigations, valuations, and settlement negotiation analysis
  • Probate dispute investigations
  • Identity verification investigations
  • Surveillance - stationary, moving and electronic
  • Locates
  • Birth parent/adopted child searches
  • Personal injury and wrongful death investigations
  • Witness locates, statements, and protection
  • Data recovery, computer forensics, skip tracing, e-mail tracing, Internet profiling, and phone tracing
  • Pre-employment screening - domestic help, childcare, etc.
  • Civil and criminal case assistance and expert testimony

See following links for Service specifics…

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Computer Forensics, Electronic Evidence, Electronic Countermeasures, and Data Recovery
Background Screening and Employee Vetting
Security Services


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