Security Services


In the broadest sense, we live in a turbulent environment
where security is no longer a luxury but a necessity.



With Security Specialists (uniform and plainclothes)... Security Operatives (domestic counter-terrorism)... an International Special Security Unit (contracted) - and related technologies - we work in many ways to help make our clients safer. 

In fact, in order to accommodate diversity across our target industries, we offer a complete service portfolio that provides sophisticated and discreet solutions that are responsive to individual needs and cover just about every security aspect in today's challenging environment. 

We take seriously our responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding.  So we are there 24/7 with the resources and specialists to meet any security demand... and design custom solutions for each case that deliver value for our clients.  


What we do…

... Address the underlying and increased security needs among the business and government
    sectors since the 9/11 tragedy and recent stock market events.  We recognize a number of
    factors – ongoing world tensions, political instability, and a new economic order of global
    competitiveness – as well as internal corporate challenges. We help identify threats in all
    areas –  and include security for travel (both domestically & internationally) which has
    become much more dangerous.  Overall, GRAND offers government officials, business
    executives, and travelers protective and training services to assess, safeguard, and prevent
    against any form of conflict.

... Perform Homeland Security audits which are focused on domestic counter-terrorism,
    catastrophic threats, and emergency preparedness and response.

... Provide security services for individuals – in the private sector – who may require them for
    any number of reasons ranging from stalking… to domestic violence… to personal threats…
    to home safety. 

GRAND services…

  • Individual and Executive protection
  • Travel security
  • Abduction avoidance
  • Technical surveillance
  • Workplace security and risk assessment
  • Event security
  • Home security surveys
  • Residential area patrols
  • Store detective services
  • Asset protection surveys & transport protection
  • Restraining order enforcement
  • Witness protection 
  • Security equipment and installation
  • Maritime security investigations
  • Port/facility & ship security assessment 
  • International Special Services Unit
  • Kidnap & Ransom protection (offered through a London-based affiliated company)
  • Homeland Security audits




GRAND helps clients - government, private industry & financial institutions (specifically in the area of Patriot Act regulatory compliance) – to prepare for potential disasters, whether man-made or natural.  Circumstances many include chemical, biological, and nuclear threats.

We work together with clients to devise response action strategies for emergencies, as well as consult with them on restoring environments after related incidents.

Services include...

  • Identifying exposure
  • Providing early warning detection of risk
  • Assessing potential threats
  • Evaluating resources
  • Developing response plans
  • Proactively managing changing circumstances
  • Monitoring performance against benchmarks
  • Training personnel
  • Conducting associated exercises
  • Communicating to all levels of authority 


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