Background Screening and Employee Vetting

grand iss believes it is most important
to verify the integrity of the people who impact
on your life, business, and future…

Which is why we provide clients with credible information to minimize risk.

In addition to providing background information on companies, we help our clients by conducting a wide range of individual background investigations, including employee vetting.

From routine to highly detailed investigations, GRAND verifies background data and helps identify any discrepancies in an applicant’s past. This screening process allows companies to evaluate job candidates – whether it is a Fortune 500 executive or a receptionist – before hiring them.

Our vetting services may include investigating credit history… retrieving and reviewing public documents… acquiring verified personal and professional references… performing online database and or media searches… conducting phone interviews… and confirming professional and or personal titles/credentials.

In domestic-related cases, we screen individuals for a number of reasons ranging from prenuptial arrangements to domestic help engagements. Areas of investigation include civil or criminal convictions… fraud… substance abuse… business records including past terminations… tax issues… or any other relevant personal identifying information.

GRAND services…

Background Screening

  • Criminal records
  • Education records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Business history
  • Major financial transactions
  • Citizenship records
  • Credit checks (in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act)
  • Illegal activity allegations
  • Social security numbers
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Civil and bankruptcy records
  • Liens and judgment findings
  • Wants & warrants
  • Phone records
  • Current & prior addresses
  • Aliases
  • Prior litigation

Employee Vetting

  • Personal/education/criminal/employment histories
  • Regulatory sanctions
  • Professional licenses and certifications
  • Media coverage
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Polygraph Exams (as applicable by law)

Other services…

  • Vendor/contractor screening to protect your business
  • Identity theft assessment, investigation, and restoration services

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