Investigative Support Forensics


Our specialists encompass multiple domains of knowledge, practical experience, and a presentation of expertise and understanding.

GRAND offers experienced information forensics experts with experience in performing discipline-specific investigations that permit evidence to be used in a legal venue. They demonstrate expertise in all aspects of the investigative process and are dedicated to bringing a level of consistency to their respective fields of specialization.

Clients benefit by using GRAND specialists to provide the framework and methodologies essential to preparing an effective investigation and subsequent prosecution.

Cases may include medical malpractice… wrongful death… personal injury… worker's compensation... products liability… product failures… construction accidents and disputes… residential and commercial disputes… motor vehicle accidents… industrial fires and explosions of all kinds… toxic torts… marine investigations...  environmental law… criminal law... among others.

What we do…

... Perform case-specific forensic investigations.

... Collect & gather evidence – physical & electronic.

... Assure current guidelines for electronic evidence.

... Assure correct handling & documentation of evidence – tagging, tracking & transport.

... Prepare all reports – logs, time synchronization, analysis, notes, chain of custody, property

... Prepare trial materials – including visuals, graphs, charts, posters, videos, etc.

... Archive evidence.

... Provide expert witness testimony – courtroom & deposition.

... Comply with all applicable laws.

GRAND forensic specialty services…

  • Accident investigations
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Architectural investigations*
  • Auto, rail and related land transportation investigations*
  • Aviation investigations*
  • Construction plans, methods and materials analysis*
  • Counterfeit parts/products identification*
  • Counterfeit pharmaceutical identification*
  • Defective parts analysis*
  • Document examination and authentication
  • Economic analysis and investigations
  • Electronic media security and investigations*
  • Engineering investigations*
  • Failure analysis*
  • Failure effects modal analysis*
  • FEMA investigations*
  • Firearms & ballistics investigations
  • General metallurgical testing and analysis*
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Human factors analysis
  • Hypnosis (for witness memory enhancement)
  • Industrial accidents and wrongful death investigations*
  • Marine & aquatic accident investigations*
  • Materials specification and regulatory compliance analysis*
  • Parts assembly analysis*
  • Toxicology, pharmacology & chemical analysis and identification*
  • Welding analysis*
*Six Sigma-based analytical approach applied to each forensic discipline line
 for optimal results. 

We offer experts in virtually all areas including avionics… banking and business operations… biotechnology… chemistry and medical sciences… computers and Internet… electrical engineering… electronics… marine engineering… police operations… psychology… software and telecommunications.

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