Medical Forensics & Investigations


GRAND provides practical applications for conducting and managing
medical investigations that vastly enhance evidence development.

We utilize premier medical forensic consulting experts and high-tech, cutting edge investigative tools to perform a variety of services ranging from medical record evaluation… to DNA analysis and evidence… to forensic matters involving sexual crimes… to paternity verification… to expert witness testimony.

We deliver professional case evaluation and expert recommendations by experienced medical forensic specialists who are certified in their respective field of expertise.

We assist clients in a cost-effective, timely and convenient manner – and ensure the best legal strategies – directly on case point.

Case specific areas…

  • Medical fraud
  • Malpractice
  • Paternity
  • DNA
  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Disability claims
  • Civil & criminal case investigations

GRAND forensic services…

  • Nursing
  • Pathology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Medical records evaluation
  • Medical data research
  • Independent medical exams
  • Third-party medical examination attendance
  • Medical monitoring claim challenges
  • Collection of evidence
  • Documentation of chain of custody
  • Victim/ witness interviews
  • Expert witness testimony - presentation of evidence in case depositions, affidavits, courtroom and EUO’s (examinations under oath)
  • Assistance in maritime and environmental health cases - expert opinions as applicable

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