Computer Forensics, Electronic Evidence, Electronic Countermeasures and Data Recovery


Computer forensic experts can retrieve data from
virtually all storage media and operating systems.

Electronic and information technology has virtually redefined every area of our lives – from the business sector to the private sector. GRAND offers a technology portfolio featuring computer forensics, electronic evidence, electronic countermeasures, and data recovery services to provide clients a range of information services and technology solutions based on their particular case needs.

Our computer forensic services allow for the scientific examination and analysis of data held on - or retrieved from - computer storage media in such a way that the information can be most useful to clients when needed as evidence in a court of law.

Our scope of services in this particular area range from hard drive imaging and analysis… to bypassing password protected files… to damaged data recovery… to deleted E-mail and file recovery… to spyware detection… to devising behavioral time lines of computer usage and or deletions.

Of particular note… computerized text and data has provided some of the most valuable evidence utilized in today’s litigation and regulatory investigations.

GRAND services…

Computer Forensics

  • Locates hidden, lost, or hard to find data
  • Recreates computer conduct
  • Imaging & analysis
  • Operating system dependencies in imaging
  • Disk level search & analysis
  • Detection & investigation of cyberstalking
  • Expert testimony on investigative findings

Electronic Evidence

  • Collects, processes, reviews, manages, and produces electronic documents - including word documents and other computer files
  • Traces emails to point of origin
  • (Recognized by the courts as “e-discovery” information)

Electronic Countermeasures

  • Computer and communications security to reduce the threat, vulnerability, and impact - as well as the detection and recovery – of events caused by hackers, criminals, or other hostile entities.

Data Recovery

  • Expert tools and techniques to recover intentionally deleted, encrypted or damaged data from computer hard drives and other storage mechanisms
  • Undelete tools
  • Rebuild deleted files from file disk tables
  • Rebuild files by file chains
  • Slack space recovery

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