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Many people today have come to rely on private investigators for a number of reasons. It’s no secret their services have a huge impact on case results and significantly affect legal outcomes. A number of factors contribute – expertise, experience, knowledge, depth, problem solving capability, sophisticated technology, time, instincts – and even the imagination and courage to take risks. Investigators are trained and practiced to simplify strategies into specific actions… they are useful in providing reliable evidence and testimony… and they are always impartial and discreet.

GRAND uses its broad base of specialists
and streamlined solutions to advance these criteria.

Whatever the assignment – from basic to complex - GRAND is ready to help 24 hours a day, every day – even holidays. We work with clients one-on-one to determine objectives and devise custom solutions. In addition, GRAND assures that all investigative information is reported in a manner that is consistent with or exceeds court admissibility standards.

Whatever the nature of your case, GRAND offers a free consultation to determine your investigative requirements and recommend a solution that makes the most sense for you. Our process is streamlined for simplicity – and to save you time and expense.

To take advantage of this offer Contact Us by phone or online.

How we help...

... Are you going through a divorce? Do you have questions regarding the distribution of 
    finances or property? Or, perhaps, you suspect your spouse is unfaithful. Maybe, you’re
    planning a marriage. Or would like to know more about a partner.  ... GRAND helps you
    now so you do not have to live with the consequences later.

... Are you faced with child custody or support concerns? Need DNA/genetic testing?
    Have adoption background questions?  ... GRAND assists you in gathering the appropriate
    evidence to strengthen your claim or resolve your problem.

... Fearful you are being threatened or stalked?  ... GRAND will assess the threat and provide
    the needed protection.

... Have the need for an asset search or income investigation? ... GRAND can check worldwide.

... Looking to locate a missing person?  ...GRAND will conduct a thorough search anywhere
    in the world utilizing the most advanced techniques available.

... Do you require surveillance services? Are you concerned your phone is tapped? Would like
    to know more about the domestic help before you hire them? Are you involved in a civil or
    criminal proceeding? Perhaps, concerned about an insurance claim.  ... GRAND responds to
    all these issues…and much, much more.

GRAND services…

Domestic/Relationship Investigations

  • Divorce preparation
  • Infidelity matters
  • Pre-marital checks
  • Partner checks

Child Custody/Support/Visitation Matters

  • Evidence gathering
  • DNA/genetic testing
  • Abuse issues (physical & sexual)
  • Surveillance
  • Locates

Adoption Investigations

  • Birth parent search
  • Adopted child search
  • DNA testing
  • Birth record search

Economic Investigations

  • Asset searches (bank accounts, securities, and fixed assets worldwide)
  • Identity theft matters 
  • Income verification
  • Accounting forensics
  • Domestic economic forensics (projected income)

Information Retrieval

  • Electronic data recovery
  • Computer forensics
  • Phone records
  • Credit card records
  • E-mail tracing
  • Internet profiling


  • Locates (missing persons, witnesses, heirs, runaways, etc.)
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • Skip tracing
  • Physical (stationery & moving)
  • GPS tracking
  • Electronic (video/audio/computer)
  • Photographs
  • Technical countermeasures
  • Nanny cam applications

Background/Profile Investigations

  • Personal background
  • Employment records
  • Financial data
  • Education history
  • Civil & criminal records
  • Pre-employment screening (childcare, domestic help, etc.)


  • Personal safety
  • Threat assessment & source detection
  • Harassment
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Restraining order enforcement
  • Residential security audits

Claims Investigations

  • Personal insurance
  • Probate
  • Valuations

Litigation Support

  • Civil & criminal cases
  • All type investigations
  • Evidence gathering
  • Witness locates, statements & protection
  • Expert witness testimony (investigative & forensics)
  • Trial visuals & graphs

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