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Designed to benefit clients on a local, regional, and global scale.

OUR FOCUS is to respond to the varying needs of our clients worldwide – law firms, multi-industry corporations, insurance companies, individuals, governments, and non-profit entities – with high performing integrated services and a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that overcome a variety of case challenges, maximize benefits, and minimize costs.

Clients deal with "one" GRAND ISS for all their service needs.
The concept is simple... single source access uniquely tailored to case-specific interests.

OUR SERVICE OFFERING is catalogued for easy directory review and to meet specific criteria required by client type. We apply service interaction to conform our wide assortment of features to flexible strategies that span multiple industries, all while reducing costs.  A sampling of leading services… offered through three core business sectors… which support our diverse client base follows.


  • International Special Security Operations and Intelligence
  • Protective Services (People, Properties, Assets)
  • Military/Law Enforcement Training, Provisioning and Management
  • Private Sector Security
  • Advanced Electronic Security, Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures 

Risk Management

  • Emergency and Crisis Management Consultancy 
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments & Countermeasures™
  • Analytics and Predictive Modeling
  • High Risk Insurance

Intelligence and Forensic Investigations

  • Internal Investigations
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Global Asset Searches
  • Counterfeit Abatement (including Product Diversion, Parallel Importing, Supply Chain Investigations, Trademark & IP Protection)
  • Litigation Support
  • Specialty Investigative Forensics 

consist primarily of five key sectors – Legal, Private, Corporate, Insurance and SecurityEach is offered an extensive menu of quality services and technical resources dedicated to its particular area of specialization and consistent with its aligned client base.

  Legal... In today's competitive environment, it is becoming more prevalent that law firms seek assistance to meet the growing demands of their individual and corporate clients.  GRAND ISS' investigative and security focus covers a wide range of critical support services that ensure attorneys both caseload and time efficiencies.  Read more
Private... There are times in life when individuals have a compelling need for truth, information and protection.  GRAND ISS transforms these three simple basics into easily accessible sophisticated solutions that address and solve our clients' toughest domestic problems and challenges.  Read more
Corporate... The overall corporate community faces multidimensional challenges – GRAND ISS offers multifaceted solutions.  We help clients – from virtually every industry – with the formidable task of tackling some of the world's toughest problems.  Read more


Insurance... As fraud continues to run rampant in all lines of insurance, an increasing number of anti-fraud regulations are being enacted to compel insurers to respond... GRAND ISS is there to help simplify the challenge.  Read more

Security... In a volatile world, security is paramount.  With world tensions and global threats, business and government challenges have been plentiful in recent years... GRAND ISS helps protect.  Read more

OUR OPERATONAL STRUCTURE is reinforced by three major components – People, Science and Techniques – more specifically...

  1. A leadership staff of accomplished professionals from multinational corporations, law enforcement, and military intelligence providing expertise in multi-disciplined specialties across the investigative and security spectrum;
  2. An integrated team of leading forensic and ancillary support service experts; and
  3. State-of-the-art technologies.
By consolidating the core capabilities of each service set,
GRAND ISS creates a broad infrastructure... second to none.

OUR CORE COMPETENCY is Total Case Management which defines our service edge and further extends our capability reach. Through inclusive, end-to-end solutions that are customized by case – complete with specialist skills-matching... information coordination... and intensive problem solving strategies – we reduce our clients' exposure to risk and maximize successful resolution of investigation and litigation matters.

Because at GRAND ISS we know when our clients win... we win.

OUR COMMITMENT is to raise the bar even higher to set industry standards that ensure excellent services, efficiency, strong ethics, enduring relationships, discretion, and solutions innovation.

These standards are the hallmark of GRAND ISS... and they reflect
what clients can expect from our business performance.

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